5 Smart Ways to Keep Your Food Fresh

Lots of money is wasted on food that expires. A simple way to cut down on your costs is making sure your food stay fresher for longer. Here are some ways you should be storing your food to preserve them.

1)    Heat food that may likely have bacteria at 75 degrees Celsius minimum.


This is even if the food has been refrigerated or frozen overnight. Bacteria could have been preserved and you risk getting food poisoned if it’s not properly heated.


2)    Eat or refrigerate your food within 2 hours after cooking.


When food has been exposed to temperature lower than 75 degrees Celsius for more than 2 hours, it’s best to throw it out.


 3)    Freeze high-risk foods at -18 degrees Celsius.


It doesn’t kill bacteria but prevents them from continuously multiplying. Once the ice thaws, cook it immediately at the recommended heating temperature.


4)    Separate foods in shallow containers.


When you reheat or microwave the food, it allows the food to cook faster compared to stuffing them in one deep Tupperware.


5)    Onion and garlic don’t need to be placed in the fridge.


A basket near the island where you chop ingredients would be sufficient to place them in. Place them some distance from the stove and the fridge.


Whatever you choose, make sure it’s an eco-friendly decision. Help protect the Earth and it will repay you with nourishing food and environment.