Reusable Rat Trap


Do you want to keep your home safe from rodents and unwanted pests? Then this Reusable Rat Trap is just for you!

Rats and other pests are not only scary but unsanitary on so many levels. Having them running around the house may spread germs and bacteria, resulting in different illnesses. You don't want that. No one does. But catching these uninvited mammals is not an easy task.

Have a safe and healthy home with this Reusable Rat Trap!

  • EASY TO SET AND BAIT - Simply just put the bait and arm the spring to lure the mouse and catch it. 
  • VERY SAFE TO USE - It's no touch design will keep you safe from having your fingers snapped.
  • REUSABLE - Made of high-quality ABS plastic material. Effectively traps rats compared to traditional wood and metal counterpart.
  • HIGH SENSITIVE - Snaps mouse instantly and kills quickly with its powerful capturing spring.

Catching rodents can be tricky and frustrating. But with this Reusable Rat Trap, capturing and eliminating them has never been this easy.

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  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Very Impressive Traps!!!

    These plastic traps are very impressive overall!!! These plastic trap are relatively inexpensive, reusable, & are very easy to set! So - do these really work? I was skeptical about using these traps, but I decided to order these after I recently heard a mouse in our house rustling around under one of our radiators. We did have a rat poison trap staged for a couple of years, but we decided to get rid of that due to we don't want to try to find the dead mouse away from the trap. Anyhow, I put out four of these traps with some peanut butter in the bait cups (they were very easy to set - just press the back down). Within four days, one of the traps caught & killed our small mouse! I just grabbed the back of the trap (nowhere near the mouse), pried open the back a little to dispose of the mouse, & set the trap again without touching the mouse! I am VERY IMPRESSED with these traps overall!!!

    Finally he's dead

    After trying so many poisons like havoc, just one bite and even glue traps and much more this one mouse would not die he bites up the just one bite poison but never actually eats it I've been trying for 1 month now to get rid of him nothing I finally decided I need a mouse killing trap so I've searched and did my research and came across this and I thank God I did now he dead after 2 nights of putting this trap down with some peanut butter as bait he took it and he is now dead thank you Lord.

    Miracle Mouse Trap

    You can easily pick up the trap without getting near the mouse and release it into the trash or a plastic bag. My preference is to just throw away the trap. We don't have a big problem with mice so it's not too expensive to do it this way. If I could give it ten stars I would

    They Built a Better Mousetrap!

    I've had these traps for less than two days and have already caught six mice, thank you! I love the fact that to set them, all you have to do is pinch the back of the trap to open it wide--so much easier than old fashioned traps! And I also love the fact that you must pinch the back again to dump the mouse in the trash. No prying the trap open to remove the dead mouse (I used to throw out the mouse with the trap!).


    Turned out to be more than expected, charged lighter than Soviet mice. Let's see in action.

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